16 Ladouce NORMAL / Super Absorbent Tampons

16 Ladouce NORMAL / Super Absorbent Tampons

16 Ladouce NORMAL / Super Absorbent Tampons

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What you will get in this bundle? You receive 1 box of tampons. 1 box NROMAL. Each box contains 16 individually wrapped tampons inside. NON-APPLICATOR

Ladouce tampons protect you day and night during 6-8 hours, feeling comfortable and safe, no smell, irritation or rashes because the menstrual fluids are absorbed inside your body.
Just wear all kinds of dress without notice of your period to others, feel free and full protected.

Made of silk-soft natural viscose, not chlorine bleached, with a soft rounded top, special soft-silk layer which prevent the fibres to remain in your body.
Natural viscose absorbs over 130% more compared to cotton tampons and are 100% bio degradable.

Plastic free and FREE of chemicals or additives to avoid health problems.

Supports you every day, at home, work, on the way, sport, even when swimming.

Made in the European Community, fully clinical tested, hypoallergenic and proven the best tampons.

*Ladouce Normal tampons for light menstrual flow, 9-12 grams absorption
*Ladouce Normal tampons is good for 6-8hours after putting inside.
*Ladouce Normal tampons for moderate menstrual flow.

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