Bugnay Wines Ti Basi

Bugnay Wines Ti Basi

Bugnay Wines Ti Basi

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Bugnay Wines Ilocos Norte, for bringing the Bugnay Wines in Metro Manila.

Here are the benefits of the Bignay fruit that is used to make Bugnay wines.

1. Natural Source of Antioxidants:
The natural anti-oxidative properties of this fruit, due to the presence of catechins, enable it to fight against the free radicals present in the human body. The excessive presence of these radicals can result in premature onset of wrinkles, fine lines, and even cause cancer. The absence of antioxidants can result in the above-mentioned conditions. You can now keep all these at bay by consumption of Bignay, as a whole fruit or as tea.
2. Used In the Treatment of Syphilis
Studies conducted on this plant have revealed that the leaves of this tree, when boiled, have the potential to treat Syphilis.
3. Natural Cure for Urinary Tract Infections:
Bignay is known to offer relief from infections that affect the urinary tract.
4. Keeps Your Blood Pressure Levels Under Control:
Bignay, in the form of fruit and leaves, has the potential to keep the levels of blood pressure under control. Thus, it could be consumed by people suffering from hypertension to thwart off various hypertension-induced cardiovascular issues.
5. Natural Antidote for Snake Bites:
The leaves have been used in alternative medicines by Asian physicians to treat snake bites.
6. Helps You Lose Weight:
Bignay tea is known to possess appetite suppressing properties. Thus, drinking a cup of this tea half an hour before each meal can help you lose weight in a better way.
7. Natural Remedy for Constipation:
Bignay fruit when consumed in large quantities is known to render a laxative effect. Hence, it can be used, in a restricted way, to offer relief to those who are suffering from constipation.
8. Good for Your Colon:
Bignay tea is a well-known natural colon cleanser. Therefore, you can make use of this tea to eliminate the unwanted toxins from your body. The natural detoxifying properties of the tea can help you lose weight while helping you look younger. It is also known to improve digestion and thus, beneficial for you colon.
9. Good for the Liver:
The tea is known to lower the levels of SGOP and SGPT. Thus, it helps to keep your liver healthier.
10. Good for Healthier Immune System:
Bignay tea is known to pep up your metabolisms levels. The better the metabolism levels, the lower the infections will be. Thus, Bignay benefits to boost the power of your immune system.

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