La Hermosa Shampoo bars 80 g

La Hermosa Shampoo bars 80 g

La Hermosa Shampoo bars 80 g

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La Hermosa shampoo bars Shampoo bars are eco-friendly and money-saving alternatives to liquid shampoo. With each La Hermosa Shampoo Bar, you will get as much as 70 washes. You will also get no chemical irritations because they are all-natural, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. These shampoo bars are handmade, plant-based and very economical. Each variant has special characteristics:

Sunflower - stimulates hair growth, fights off fading free radical with antioxidant sunflower, also contains Oleic Acid or Omega 9 acid that stops breakage of hair

Raspberry - strengthens hair, especially colored hair. induces hair growth and shinier hair. Rich in Vitamin B which is great for fighting hair loss and greying hair

Tea Tree - maintains a clean, healthy scalp, and strong healthy hair follicles. is also anti-dandruff, stimulates new hair growth by cleaning out dead cells from hair follicles

Lavender - stimulates hair growth, conditions hair and controls dandruff.

Chocolate - promotes hair growth, with copper, zinc and iron minerals that help regenerate cells

Cucumelon - promotes hair growth, soothes your scalp and restores damaged hair. Made from cucumber and watermelon Blueberry - especially created for men's scalp. Anti-dandruff and cleansing shampoo.

Lavender Spark - anti-hairloss shampoo, revitalizes hair and strengthens strands,  and induces hair growth

Sampaguita - Anti-dandruff shampoo, keeps the scalp clean and induces hair growth

Carrot - hair revitalizing shampoo, strengthens damaged hair, conditions the hair and helps balance the moisture These are 80-g shampoo bars.

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