Dried Jackfruit

Dried Jackfruit

Dried Jackfruit

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Product Name: Exotic Dried Jackfruit Delights


Discover the tropical magic of our Exotic Dried Jackfruit Delights, a captivating snack that brings the unique flavor and aroma of ripe jackfruit right to your taste buds. These delectable dried jackfruit pieces are a tropical paradise in every bite.

Key Features:

  • Tropical Flavor Extravaganza: Our dried jackfruit delights burst with the extraordinary taste of fresh jackfruit, offering an exotic and mouthwatering experience.

  • Naturally Sweet: Handpicked at peak ripeness, our jackfruit pieces retain their natural sweetness, offering a guilt-free snack option.

  • Tender and Chewy: Experience the perfect combination of tenderness and chewiness in every piece, making them a delightful treat to enjoy.

  • Nutrient-Rich: These jackfruit pieces are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, providing a nutritious snacking option.

  • Versatile Delight: Enjoy them as a standalone treat, mix them into your trail mix, or incorporate them into your favorite recipes for a burst of tropical flavor.

  • Resealable Pouch: Our Exotic Dried Jackfruit Delights come in a convenient resealable bag, ensuring lasting freshness.

Ingredients: Dried Jackfruit, Sugar, Citric Acid

Net Weight: 200g (7.05 oz)

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, soy, and wheat.

Embark on a journey to the tropics with our Exotic Dried Jackfruit Delights. Each bite will transport you to lush landscapes, with the unique sweetness and tender texture of ripe jackfruit. Elevate your snacking experience with this nutritious and incredibly satisfying treat, perfect for enjoying the exotic side of life.

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