Green Rebel Meatless Meatballs 1kg

Green Rebel Meatless Meatballs 1kg

Green Rebel Meatless Meatballs 1kg

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Meatless Meatballs


Texturized Vegetable Protein, Contains Soy & Wheat, 43.89% Shitake Mushroom, Water, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Carrageenan (Emulsifier), Salt, Beef Synthetic Flavor (contains natural flavoring, Vegetable Oil & Tocopherol/Alpha INS307c.

Zero Cholesterol

High in Fiber

Fewer Calories

Healthy Not just for YOU but also for our Planet & Animals.


Beefless Chunks is made with 100% natural ingredients from plants to create the taste & bite of beef that you love.

This frozen product is fully cooked and can be eaten immediately after being heated or re-cooked. It only takes 10 minutes to heat & eat!

Our products are made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, free of MSG, preservatives, and refined sugar. Also contains 0% cholesterol, less saturated fat, and much more fiber compared to animal counterparts.

Servings per container 2

Serving size 100g (1/2 container)

Per serving

Protein 13.6 g (23%)

Total Fat 9.1g (14%)

Saturated fat 7.8 g (39%)

Cholesterol 0mg (0%)

Total Carbohydrate 13.5 g (4%)

Sugar 3.5 g

Dietary Fiber 7.4 g (25%)

Salt (Sodium) 286 mg (19%)

*Percent daily value are based on 2150 kcal and sodium 1500 mg.

Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Made plain yet tasty with umami smoky flavor, yet bites like beef. Perfect for any beef-based dishes!

Ingredients: Soy protein (48%), shiitake mushroom (22%), seaweed flour, Rebel Max Mix (coconut oil, natural vegan seasoning, water)

Allergen: Contains Soy, Gluten

Comes in 1 kg vacuum-sealed package 

1 serving: 100 g

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