Green Rebel Steak Bites

Green Rebel Steak Bites

Green Rebel Steak Bites

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Enjoy the deliciousness of Heat & Eat Black Pepper Steak Bites, tender with a fragrant black pepper aroma! The cooking process is very easy and convenient, as it only takes less than 6 minutes and can be served immediately! So, you can enjoy this healthy meal anytime, anywhere – perfect for those who are always busy, on the go, or traveling. This plant-based meat product is also cholesterol-free, high in protein and fiber, and low in saturated fat.

Green Rebel plant-based dishes are fully cooked and can be eaten directly after heating or recooked with other creative recipes. Just 6 minutes, and you can serve a healthy and nutritious menu on the dining table. Convenient for quick cooking. 

Serve with:

  • Warm rice and fried rice
  • Toast or Wrap
  • Various noodle dishes
  • Other dishes according to preference

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D: Jan. 2025

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