Lemongrass Dishwashing Liquid Refill 1 LIter

Lemongrass Dishwashing Liquid Refill 1 LIter

Lemongrass Dishwashing Liquid Refill 1 LIter

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smells gently of lemongrass essential oil

Finally, a cleansing soap that is great for 

√ dishes,

√ bathrooms,

√ kitchen tops

√ tiles

√ laundry lalo sa mga may allergy or sensitive ang balat

√ baby bottles

√ general cleaning lalo pag health compromised mga tao sa house

 √ without harmful chemical germicidals, colourants or dyes, and toxic fragrance, but more potent in killing germs with the generous use of Lemongrass essential oil. 

Keep your family safe by lowering your household toxic load.  Our all around liquid cleanser has no harsh SLS/SLES, no colorants, no synthetic fragrance. We only use a coconut based surfactant for gentle yet powerful cleansing.

Lemongrass essential oils naturally kills virus and bacteria, ranking highest among all other essential oils for anti-microbial power.  Being natural, virus and bacteria are not able to mutate and adapt to the natural oil of lemongrass, unlike synthetic germicidals that lead to super germs that are resistant.  As a natural plant oil with unique make up every harvest, germs are unable to adapt to the powerful lemongrass.

Simple yet effective. 

Eliminate harmful household toxins. Keep your home safe and clean.

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