Locally Dalandan 1 liter

Locally Dalandan 1 liter

Locally Dalandan 1 liter

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The Philippines’ favorite fruits are now packed juice for you! With locally-sourced ingredients and down-home goodness, these drinks will definitely tickle your taste buds. 100% made of all the Philippine goodness that not only quenches your thirst, but also your heart as you help every Filipino farmer with every bottle of Locally.

Is it just us or does the fruit always sound like a magician? Dalandaan! Tadaan! It’s as if the lively dalandan is always presenting us with something awesome. Which isn’t far from the truth (or the fruit) after all. It is usually sweet like orange but even if it’s sour, just dip it in salt and you’ve got one yummy treat. Magical, isn’t it? That’s why we’ve decided to squeeze the best of Philippine dalandan into this can. Studies have shown dalandan to be a good source of Vitamin C and citrus flavonoids. To C is to believe…or to gulp, in this case.

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