Locally Guyabano 240 ml aluminum can

Locally Guyabano 240 ml aluminum can

Locally Guyabano 240 ml aluminum can

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The Philippines’ flavourite fruits are now packed juice for you! With locally-sourced ingredients and down-home goodness, these drinks will definitely tickle your taste buds. 100% made of all the Philippine goodness that not only quenches your thirst, but also your heart as you help every Filipino farmer with every bottle of Locally. Taste the rich, smooth and luscious white liquid goodness of this drink that will definitely get you hooked…wait, this is not that fanciful ad from some typical white drink that you know, this is all about the superb sweet-sour flavour you get from a sip of this guyabano drink, we packed the milky white juice of this one spiky fruit so we can keep swigging it even when it’s off-season. Popular in tropical countries, the Guyabano is used to make smoothies, candies and sorbets as well.


Now isn’t that swell? Made with real natural fruits sourced from: Cebu, Misamis Occidental Not from concentrate With 110%* Vitamin C! Only 50 Calories per Serving! No preservatives added Eco-friendly recyclable packaging *based on RENI Fills good, Feels Good!

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