Locally Mangostene 1 liter

Locally Mangostene 1 liter

Locally Mangostene 1 liter

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Mangosteen Juice Drink

Nature’s Heart Protector

THE SUPER TRUTH: It’s high in anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent heart disease. Isn’t it MANGOSTEEN incredible?


There’s something incredible and nothing teeny about the goodness of this fruit called Mangosteen. It’s dark, hard shell belies a delicious white flesh, it will be a craving that is hard to wean.

Truly it’s a fruit more addictive than you think. It’s good for your heart, so we turned it into a drink!

The best are in Davao, we’ve got them for you we are proud. Drop by drop of healthful goodness, this juice takes care of your health & wellness.

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