NZ+ Deer Placenta

NZ+ Deer Placenta

NZ+ Deer Placenta

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NZ+ REGENERATE THE YOUTHFUL YOU! 5 to 10 years younger through cell regeneration.

NZ+ Deer Placenta is a highly nutritious formulation and compatible to human, both chemically and biologically. It is rich source of vitamins and nutrients, comprised of many stem cells and growth factors which support tissue growth and health of organs.  NZ+ Deer Placenta also contains collagen and many anti-oxidants that may assist in reversing the aging process.

Medsafe standard, New Zealand, USA & PH FDA Approved.  GMP certified, Halal certified. 

The use of modern manufacturing facilities; Freeze Drying by GMP Caltec Australia, Nano-Technology - Emulsification, Enteric coating, Bio soft gel technology and Nitrogen filled made NZ+ possible as an extra ordinary supplement for safe consumption.

It has CYTOKINES that promotes stimulations of stem cell functions and production.

SAFE TO CONSUME even for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

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