Original Cabanatuan Garlic Longganisa

Original Cabanatuan Garlic Longganisa

Original Cabanatuan Garlic Longganisa

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Garlic Longganisa is one of the most famous meat products here in Cabanatuan City in the province of Nueva Ecija. Everyone will definitely feel at home when eating Garlic Longganisa. And we all know that home means comfort. So it is indeed my comfort food. Come and taste Cabanatuan's Finest Longganisa Garlic Longganisa that is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cabanatuan's Finest longganisa's garlic Longganisa is made from young and premium pork. You don't have to worry for any health issues because there are no artificial preservatives added, no extenders and has an excellent quality.


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Cabanatuan Longanisa

Cabanatuan longganisa, also known as batutay, is a Filipino beef sausage originating from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. It can be served sweet, garlicky, or "skinless". It is celebrated in the annual "Longganisa Festival" of Cabanatuan City

How to cook

The best way to cook it is to pour about a cup of water onto your pan–non-stick is always preferred. Then you put in your longganisa. Allow the longganisa to simmer, rotating it regularly so that it each piece browns evenly. Notice, there is no need for oi

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