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Goulibeur Pecorino Romano PDO shortbreads are a gourmet delight that combines the finest quality ingredients with expert craftsmanship to create a savory indulgence for the palate. Made with authentic PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Pecorino Romano cheese, these shortbreads boast a rich and robust flavor profile that is perfectly balanced with the buttery richness of traditional shortbread.

Crafted in the renowned French biscuitry tradition of Goulibeur, these shortbreads are meticulously prepared using only the highest quality ingredients. Finely grated PDO Pecorino Romano cheese is expertly blended with premium butter, flour, and a touch of seasoning to create a dough that is then shaped into delicate rounds or other artisanal shapes.

Baked to golden perfection, Goulibeur Pecorino Romano PDO shortbreads offer a crisp and crumbly texture that melts in your mouth, releasing the savory notes of aged cheese with every bite. These exquisite shortbreads are a true culinary indulgence, perfect for serving as an elegant appetizer or pairing with your favorite cheeses, charcuterie, or fine wines.

Whether enjoyed on their own as a sophisticated snack or served as part of a gourmet cheese board, Goulibeur Pecorino Romano PDO shortbreads elevate any occasion with their exceptional taste and artisanal craftsmanship. Treat yourself to the luxurious flavor of PDO Pecorino Romano cheese in every bite of these exquisite French shortbreads from Goulibeur.

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