Ritual Coffee Scrub Soap

Ritual Coffee Scrub Soap

Ritual Coffee Scrub Soap

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Exfoliate & brighten your tired skin with the Ritual Coffee Scrub Soap!
Made with real kapeng barako granules, this soap is proudly locally made.

Did you know that the caffeine found in this Coffee Scrub Soap helps increase blood flow, and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a more even tone?

Thanks to the power of caffeine, we can enjoy the following benefits by using the Ritual Coffee Scrub Soap:

☑ Brightens the skin
☑ Helps reduce stretchmarks
☑ Helps in getting rid of swelling and redness
☑ Tightens the skin
☑ Protects the skin (As anti-oxidant)
☑ Minimizes pores
☑ Softens the the skin
☑ Revitalizes tired skin
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