Skin Shield Lotion

Skin Shield Lotion

Skin Shield Lotion

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100% Natural | DEET-Free| Safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women

Ban mosquito-borne dengueFormulated with soybean oil and eucalyptus oil for added protection, your trusted citronella insect repellent packs a powerful punch against pesky mosquitoes.

Got soybean allergies or G6PD deficiency? No worries! Grab yourself a bottle of our G6PD-Friendly, Soybean-Free Skin Shield Oil.

Did You Know?

Dengue cases reported to DOH doubled in 2019. Protect you family with 100% natural DEET-free Skin Shield. Used in synthetic repellents, DEET has been linked to skin irritation, neurotoxicity and other health risks.

As Seen In: Spot.Ph: The Best Mosquito Repellents To Try Because Nobody Likes Insect Bites

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