Build Your Brand with EveGrocer

Why Build your Brand with EveGrocer?


EveGrocer – a zero waste subscription based online grocery platform now scaling up in different countries around the globe.

Why waste your money on your brand’s packaging when you can sell your products in a sustainable way? Lesser garbage, more profit, lesser capitalization, more awareness. 

Before you can launch a brand, one of the things you need to consider is the huge minimum order quantity on your packaging, shelf life, tolling, inventory cost, warehousing, printing, branding.  That is why a lot of new brands fail and so many are scared to enter the market.

With Evegrocer, we provide your re-usable packaging, recurring orders, branding, brand visibility, logistics, free use of e-commerce platform and mobile ap, scalability, international brand exposure and most importantly, let’s save our environment.     

Please join us in our Virtual Road Show as a pre launching campaign for our new system.  We will be featuring different merchants per province to showcase their unique products, we will be accepting product videos to be posted on our social media platforms and product page. 

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We are looking forward to our successful partnership! Let this be a Zero Waste Philippines!


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