About Us

EveGrocer Physical Store

EveGrocer started its concept in 2019 by working moms who struggles balancing their time with work and family. It was incorporated by February 2020. 


Our vision is to make daily consumption of basic necessities less invasive to our environment. We aim to improve the overall quality of life for the future generation.

The Team

The founder and CEO, Ma.Leonelle Sandoval is the General Manager of www.printsandpromotions.net for 13 years. She specializes in business management, marketing, manufacturing, and import & export. 

Co-founder and Head of Operations & Logistics of EveGrocer is Jonathan Sandoval. He is also a proprietor of www.printsandpromotions.net managing the operational aspects and business accounts.

Czarlene de Leon is a General Manager of a tech and marketing consultancy company and is the Design Consultant for EveGrocer. 

Nicco Cezar is the Tech Consultant for EveGrocer. He is currently a Creative Project Manager and an experienced UI/UX designer.

The Advocacy

For several years, customized packaging, and manufacturing of other marketing materials are the main livelihood of of the co-founders. These expensive plastic packaging were being thrown away everyday by customers not realizing its cost which adds up to the product price. These largely contributes to the pile of garbage in landfills so they came up with a plan on how to reduce the waste disposal to spread societal awareness which is an effective system that benefits their children and the future generation.


The Concept of Refilling

The concept of refilling teaches us the discipline to save empty containers in exchange for more affordable contents. In the process, we do great deeds of helping our environment by reducing waste, creating a more sustainable system to be passed to the next generation. We envision a future of great possibilities where environmental awareness comes first, urging more and more businesses, partners, collaborators, and affiliates to join our cause.

The collaboration of these ideas into tech and e-commerce emerged the EveGrocer online store. EveGrocer Zero Waste Online Grocery offers subscription based orders which bundles and delivers basic necessities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for proper queuing. Customers can now buy in refills and return their re-usable containers on the next subscribed delivery.

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