Get Free 1 kilo Dinorado Rice Weekly!

What could be the best way to express gratitude to our customers?
Giving 1kg free Dinorado rice weekly as long as they are subscribed with weekly deliveries amounting to at least Php 1,000 pesos.

Team EveGrocer, consists of working moms who struggle to go to the grocery
after work hours. Often times we forget a lot of things on the grocery list, overspend, miss a lot of items when it’s out of stock, and would transfer to another grocery just to buy one item. We wanted to find ways in order to make things easier so we can spend more quality time with the family, relax at home, watch tv, read books, or just play with the kids. has a feature when you can set recurring deliveries depending on your needs. You can set it on the product page where you can also adjust the number of days 1-7, weeks, or months. In this way, you can budget your grocery expenses, avoid impulsive buying, and missing some items on the grocery list. It
also secures customers from the volatility of commodity prices.

Just input your credit card number, orders will automatically be listed on our
system and we will deliver. Cards will be charged weekly or monthly each time
the order was automatically created through our system. Customers can also
cancel anytime if they feel that the recurring orders do not fit their needs.
At EveGrocer, we value customer relationships.

Here are the promo mechanics:

  1. Comment "SUBSCRIBE" on the Facebook post so we can assist you in a private message.
  2. Choose a product/bundle on our website
  3. Choose the subscribe option (below the one-time purchase option).
  4. Choose frequency number 1 on the first menu and weeks on the second scroll menu.
  5. Please input your delivery address and contact number from the registration form.
  6. For the credit card option, choose the Paypal button. On the second page, the credit card option will come out.
  7. Schedule the free delivery within Metro Manila.

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