Recycling Used Jars: Brighten Your Day with The Miracle Plant - The Devil’s Ivy!

One of my biggest frustrations in life was not having a green thumb! 

Each time I go out, I compliment the landscape, the plants, and the flowers from my neighbor’s garage.  When I go out of town, I often stop to buy some plants on the way home, the best souvenir I could get as I watch it grow in beauty.  It gives me so much joy.  It excites me, looking forward to its new sprouts when it starts to form new buds of flowers.

To my horror. After a few days of being cared for, it dies. I buy again, trying to learn how to keep it alive but it keeps dying.  I tried different plant variations but still, it won’t survive.  It came to the point that I realized I’m wasting money and killing a lot of plants so I just stopped buying.

One day, I was walking in our village, one of our neighbors is trimming her plants, she gave me few branches of Pothos – “Devil’s Ivy”, it was a nice vine that crawls in trees and walls, the leaves are heart-shaped with green and white patterns.  She told me it can survive both on soil and water, indoors, or outdoors. I was so thankful for the new plants, I hurried to get home, I think this is the perfect plant for me.

I searched for used containers, old wine bottles, mason jars, sardine bottles, pickle jars, rinsed it with water, and then removed all the stickers and lid. 

I filled the container with water and just placed the vines inside, I made sure that the small emerging roots are touching the water.  It was so nice not having to think if the plants need to be watered or over watered.  You can even leave it sitting there even you’re on a long vacation.

In a few days, I can see new sprouts on the stem, new leaves started to emerge.  It was like the curse was lifted.  I am now officially a “plantita” – a person who can care for plants!  In months I am trimming the vines and relocating them to different containers. 

You can read more about the Devil's Ivy here



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