Save Php25.00 When You Return Your Free Meat Containers

What if you can return all the containers of our commodity products and be given a discount?

We love to declutter our spaces; it was such a sore in the eye seeing empty bottles and other containers standing and piling up, especially now, during the lockdown. What we do is just look at the spots and corners of our houses, looking for something to throw away.

These meat containers are no exception, even if you can re-use it to store other frozen and food products, you can only own that much. That’s why Evegrocer encourages our returning customers to return the containers so we can sanitize thoroughly and re-use the containers for our next deliveries.

Being a zero-waste online grocery poses a lot of challenges. We can not just carry all the products because we need to consider its packaging. For the liquid and powdered products, we need to provide our own containers to transport the products, for the meat and seafood, we need a sturdy container so we could avoid using one-time used plastic.

EveGrocer has developed ways in order to implement a zero-waste delivery. We have placed the subscription option on our products so customers can just return the used containers on their next subscribed delivery.

Use the promo code Reuse25 in order to avail of the discount.

To use the promo code, just apply it to the discount code field and hit the "Apply" button when you checkout your items:

Happy shopping! 😊

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