Subscribe Your Refillable Commodities And We Will Print Your Logo For Free on Your Containers

Subscribe To Any of Our Products Then We'll Print Your Logo on Your Containers

Our zero waste advocacy doesn’t only cater to the B2C market, we also encourage businesses to join our cause. In this way, businesses can save a lot on just putting refillable containers rather than spend a lot on small packed consumables with bigger MOQ’s.

What about branding? The main reason why most establishments pack their commodity on small one-time used packaging is to promote the brand. The brands need visibility, logo retention on their customer, something installed to the subliminal consciousness to encourage brand loyalty.

The Cost of Promotions

These promotional efforts lead to too much overspending, huge inventories, not mentioning the amount of garbage we put to the environment.

In line with this, EveGrocer offers a solution to both. Subscribe on refills to save costs on consumables, get your brands all over your establishments printed on re-usable containers, reduce the garbage.

To our B2B customers, business partners, thank you so much for joining our Zero Waste Advocacy. In return, we give more services for your brand.

Email us at for more details.

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