Charcoal Dog Shampoo 1 liter

Charcoal Dog Shampoo 1 liter

Charcoal Dog Shampoo 1 liter

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Dogs have a keen sense of smell

They can pick up scents that we can’t

So imagine how all those strongly perfumed shampoos make them feel

ECO•PET Naturals

0.1% Tea Tree Oil 

Deodorizes strong body odour

Kills ticks and fleas

Naturally antibacterial without the harmful effects of pesticides

Activated Bamboo Charcoal helps to lift grime, sweat, dust, and other particles off skin and fur

Leaves your pet smelling clean and fresh, nothing more!

Leaves fur soft and easy to brush no need for conditioner


NO artificial dyes or colours

NO perfumes/phthalates 

Dogs are our friends 

Not toys for enjoyment

Be Pawsome! Go Natural!

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